Couples Seeking Orgy

Local Couple Looking For Orgies

The title above was the one my husband and I used in various newspapers when we first agreed that we both wanted to try out swinging threesomes foursomes and orgies, the ad didn’t quite go as planned.

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We found our self’s inundated with responses from some very strange people indeed, in fact I would say some of them were complete and utterly insane. Out of all of these responses there was only two worth replying to and when we did start talking to these people we soon ruled them out as well.


So we gave up on placing ads and started looking online to see if we had better luck there, and guess what, we did. I found several adult dating personals that catered for threesomes foursomes and orgy parties.

So we decided to join one of them and filled in our profile and just waited for people to reply, it wasn’t long before we had our first response from the couple seeking orgy request we put in the system. A lovely married couple got in touch with us and explained that they arranged orgies every first saturday of the month at their home.

We had two weeks to prepare our self’s for our first orgy and to make sure we were still both willing to go through with it. Well the night arrived and we travelled the forty mile journey to James and Susan’s home and not to go into any detail but I will tell you the night went fantastic and we still meet up with them every month.

So if you’re a couple seeking an orgy or threesome or even a foursome try researching adult dating websites, they tend to be the best place to find other men and women who are just looking for one night stands or someone they can meet up with every now and then just to have sex and to enhance their sexual experiences.

You will be surprised how many married couples are on these sites looking for threesome partners and orgies. We have had well over two dozen orgy experiences and around twelve threesome’s since we joined the adult dating site we belong to now.

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So if you’re seriously looking for sex with strangers I recommend you take a look at one of these sites instead of placing ads in papers because that approach as we found out just doesn’t work.

If your a couple just seeking a male or female to join you in a threesome then I highly recommend visiting this website it’s all about the best threesome dating sites available online for singles looking for couples to join them for sex and vice versa.


Swinging Guide

A ‘Heads up’ on Swingingswingers cartoon

If you ever find yourself at a swingers party, here are some simple guide lines to follow

Rule number one: always know where the exits are.
The last few years has seen a huge increase in the number of couples in the swinging lifestyle, and many newcomers are not aware of the etiquette that applies in different swinging situations.

The swinging lifestyle is full of insecurities and uncertainties.

There are several variations to “swinging” and it is important that you and your partner decide, in advance, those which you like and dislike.

Some couples prefer to be alone, while others prefer to be with other couples. Establish your own ground rules, and decide on them BEFORE you start “swinging”

Swinging is for open-minded couples, it wont be viewed favorably if one partner leaves early and the other stays, the majority of time, if one goes, both go – remember you and your partner are trying to become a swinger couple not two single swingers.

You must determine whether your partner can handle swinging.  If you want to swing because you want to help your partner live out fantasies while living out your own or, because you want to share the most special part of your life (your partner) with others then maybe this is for you

The first thing you need to do is talk about your fantasies. Yes talk! I cannot stress how very important it is to communicate with your partner every step of the way

As any person, swingers like gifts!
Phone the party host and ask them if there’s any thing they’re needing , always arrive with something for the hosts.

Most people like a few drinks at a party, drinking socially is fine, it may provide a good social platform to get to know other swingers, it may also help anyone relax. Overindulging is not a good thing though, as it may hinder for physical and mental performance, and is unattractive and turn a off for many people. If anyone needs to drink heavily to participate in the party this isn’t the lifestyle for them

Do not be pushy
If one fancies swinging with someone let them know in a nice, inviting way, if they say no, it is up to them. Do not ask them why, as this could be embarrassing and hurtful. If they decide not to swing with you, do not carry on and try to sweet talk them and flirt with them, as this may do a lot more harm than good. Don’t let your own mind be your worst enemy. Be prepared to handle rejection but don’t take it personally.

Do not take a ticket to a swinger’s party
A ticket is someone who goes with another person to the party just to get a third one in, but has no intention of swinging, of course no one HAS to swing, but if one person swings, it is normally expected that the other one is willing to swing.

Swinging isn’t for everyone but it sure does beat having an affair behind your loved one’s back, not to mention the loss of trust or even your family life if it ever gets out.

Consider this- swinging won’t fix a bad relationship, but it can make a good one that much better.

Generally, swingers believe that swinging has a positive effect on their relationship as it’s always done openly and in front of each other.

I have never heard anyone say that their marriage became worse since they started swinging and the majority I have met with feel their marriages have improved.  Glady quite a high percentage of both husbands and wives feel that swinging is not a threat to their marriage or to the love between them.

Swinging works well for those of us who recognize sex for what it is — fun. Let’s face it people need to have variety in their sexual experiences. Having sex with the same person day in and day out can become monotonous and sometimes boring.

It can cause us to look elsewhere for excitement.

Sexual experiences with other people can highly enhance the sex lives of each partner, and bring new experiences to the bedroom too. Excitement increases for both partners as a result of the new sexual experiences enjoyed with other people.

Last and NOT least…Enjoyment

Probably the most important thing, approach every thing with an open mind and positive attitude, act out your fantasies, let yourself immerse in the party and like minded couples and enjoy !

A Girls guide to a successfull threesome sexual experience

The Rules to Consider

Before getting yourselves into a threesome be very sure that you are not doing it because you’re not sexually satisfied by your partner, couples seeking orgies and threesomes should really talk it through before the event takes place to make sure both parties are game for it.

You don’t have to be gay to enjoy a sexual experience with another woman About the being gay question … What is being gay anyway ?I love getting intimate with a woman every now and then, but I don’t see myself having a woman as partner.


If you want to start a new sexual experience, such as having sex with two people at the same time, it would be beneficial to pay attention to certain threesome rules.

The best couples first threesome rules advises that the guest (the third member in a threesome) shouldn’t be emotional involved with any of the other participants. So never pick a close friend for a threesome.

Set some rules like no kissing the guest or no penetration. Always make eye contact with your partner. There is nothing more arousing than seeing your partner being pleased by someone else while she or he is looking only at you and thinking only of you. One of the best advantages of couples threesome is that it creates a stronger bond inside the couple.

If the three of you decide this is something that you’re excited about and want to do together then if possible I’d recommend meeting on a non-sexy date once to see how the chemistry is between the three of you.

Sexual experiences, are better off if you actually like the people who you’re with. Emotional chemistry can really boost sexual chemistry. Knowing that you feel comfortable with someone makes a big difference, too. This could also be a time to talk about boundaries, concerns, and safety.

I’ve gone back and forth on the over thinking it part of  a threesome. I think it’s good to consider comfort and goals, boundaries and safety, but I also think its important to sort of let go and just go into the experience with an open mind looking to have some fun.

In my opinion, sexual experiences should always begin with open communication. You never know what’s going to happen “in the heat of the moment” but if you’ve talked about it beforehand then at least you’ve set ground rules and you can feel more comfortable while it’s actually happening.

So when it begins to happen you need to remember the rules of a threesome. You are going to have to respect the limits. Remember that it is easy to suddenly feel jealous, therefore you need to be sure that you give the appropriate amount of attention to each of the partners. In fact, you need to be sure that you give more attention to the person with whom you have a relationship or want to have a relationship — this is an extremely important threesome rule and probably the most important thing to keep in mind.

Try it with your partner and another woman then do it with your partner and another man. You should both be open-minded enough to have it both ways for you and him.

A big part of girl on girl sex is about touch and so knowing how to use your hands and mouth is key.

To get arousal and sexual satisfaction there is a lot of emphasis on touching, kissing and rubbing breasts, buttocks and vagina with fingers and especially the tongue and mouth. Use your hands to gently tug hair, stroke the inside of her thighs before kissing the stomach and finally nuzzling the vagina with your mouth

Threesomes can be most pleasurable, can you imagine two pairs of hands and two tongues working on you!!!!! and I can honestly say that most women give better oral sex than man does. lol!


Sexual Fantasies

My Sexual Fantasies

sexual fantasy

Everybody daydreams and fantasizes, at least some of the time.

Fantasies can be about anything but my favorite are…… sexual fantasies.

Just those two words said together conger up instant excitement and send electric waves through my groin.

Sexual fantasies can be a beautiful escapism, in which I experience a soft and gentle, relaxing floating away feeling with the tender touch of another’s skin, or just raw raunchy hot sex with another

woman, just her and I……… and total privacy. Wow just writing that sends my pulses racing high as I start to visualize my hot lesbian fantasy!

Maybe you fantasize about being with someone other than your long term partner, or watching them with someone, or having sex in a public location, or being watched, or something may not ever happen in real life. Allowing yourself the freedom to simply explore what turns you on.

Sexual fantasies can be difficult to reveal due to trust. Even the closest fiend or partner may pass judgment on a particular kink that crosses a moral line. It’s hard to tell.

Our fantasies aren’t always literal, but they are a vital and vibrant aspect of one’s sexuality.
And yet it is so comforting to have understanding mind to share with so, there’s little resistance to holding back when carnal desires can be unleashed.

Attraction and action are two distinct things. Sometimes they are one and the same, and visualizing yourself in a given sexual situation will lead to wanting to pursue it, but not always. I put a higher value on the act of fantasizing and recognize that it can help revive our relationship or be a tool in figuring out what arouses us.

The whole point of fantasies is that they exist in a space that is just for us – unless we choose to share them.

They are a normal and healthy part of our sexuality.

And I share mine with my husband, as we lay in bed on Sunday mornings, delighting in the fact we don’t have to get out of bed all day if we don’t want to, we are a couple seeking sexual enlightenment.

Just relaxing from the whole busy world outside and I tell him my sexual fantasy and the sexual fantasies women have.

One of my favorites is when I am pulled over by a police car and a policewoman handcuffs a me and makes me confess my sexual fantasy as she slowly strips me naked looking for evidence of anything naughty to hold against me. I can’t go anywhere and so might as well just let it out, and eventually she lays me on the back seat of the police car and brings me to orgasmic heaven with her vibrating truncheon!

Would you tell your partner your inner most sexual fantasy?

We Love Sex

Our First Orgy Ordeal

Orgy Scene

I have recently come to the conclusion that, when it comes to my love life, I don’t quite yet know what I want. Actually, it’s more that I want a lot of different things, depending on the day, the hour, the minute, and those things are often conflicting.

On one hand, I love being married and being able to have sex with my husband as I desire with commitment, monogamy and the fun and growth that comes with developing true intimacy with a long-term partner Sex-positivity and respect are the best possible qualities of any sexual partner, of course.

But on the other hand, I fantasize about having sex with whoever I want to (so long as they also want to have sex with me, obviously).

In fact, my husband and I have been fantasizing about all the different sexual exploits we would like to experience and one that we were most excited about was an orgy and I can now tick ‘attended an orgy’ off my bucket list.

In preparation, for my first orgy I treated the coming sex party as a date — a group date, where I was sure to get laid. So I did what I’d do before a normal date: I shaved, blowdried, moisturised and I overdid my eye makeup, maybe hoping for a slight disguise, and help me with my confidence. I’m a slightly overweight woman but I tried on my LBD as I’m supposed to look fuckable at an orgy, right? and now I am my idea of The Ann Summers definition of fuckable over some pretty lingerie.

Worrying so much about how I looked was a waste of time, sure, be clean, smell nice and be presentable- that is the way forward.

Also, I wasn’t sure what the social codes were, so I ‘ Googled’ a search prior to leaving the house for “do orgies provide condoms …” it confirmed they do

So what happened behind closed doors?

The orgy hostess could not have been more sex-positive and pro-consent about the night’s activities and chatted with us over a civilized glass of wine, and as the conversation flowed, Tia, the hostess politely asked some questions, to gauge what we’re into sexually, and asked how we wanted to be approached about sexual play: ask or be asked? stay close or totally apart with other partners? I figured we may have to stand on full view waiting to be approached….How would we initiate sexual activity, another area of confusion. The same as with wondering if or even when we would take our clothes off, was there a bell that sounded when group sex would start? Yet again I need not have worried because as
we walked from the kitchen out into the living room,  a man and a woman were fucking on the couch; he was on top with her breast in his mouth, pounding away.

Oh! I caught my breath and thought the orgy has started! I FELT SO ARROUSED, . That’s when I learned something about myself: I like to watch.

Watching other people have sex in person is completely different than watching porn on screen That might have been my favorite part of the entire orgy — whenever I got to watch other people fuck. The 360-degree angle is hugely arousing. And as someone who has never been satisfied by anything other than homemade porn online, watching real people experience real pleasure is totally hot. At first I wasn’t sure if it was “okay” to watch but I quickly realized that everyone knows that “privacy,” such as we know it, doesn’t exist. In fact, some people seemed to be putting on a show!

Strangely, I don’t feel awkward or out of place. I feel quite liberated, any awkwardness began to melt away…

And that’s when I slipped off my L.B.D, that I had so carefully chosen for this landmark of an occasion to reveal my pretty underwear. As I stood watching the couple on the sofa I was drawn forward to join them, with the woman reaching out for me from below the guy who was sucking her nipples and fucking her slow and hard and I hooked up with a woman for the very first time.

Cue….just go with the flow…


I did glance over my shoulder to see my husbands bare rear end bending over another womans head who had draped herself across the chair where we had shed our clothes, and I felt even more excited and liberated. This party is already wilder than my dreams and it’s only getting started!!! Every room is filled with horny couples fucking.  Two girls are sucking the cock of a guy stood in the doorway to the bedroom….. That’s when I learned something else new about my sexual self: as much as I love to watch, listening is different. Hearing the man dirty talk with his female partners about how they were “bad girls” as he held their hair in his hands gave me a sexual serge of energy (Perhaps it was nervous energy because it was so hot that I was wishing I was one of the bad girls!) The exhibitionism was no longer something to be embarrassed about — it was the best part!

Are you a couple seeking an orgy and are you ready for an orgy?